Family Fun

family apartment
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Raising a family in an apartment building rather than a single-family unit is a rather good idea as children grow and learn about their community. The socialization and tolerance picked up through  neighbor encounters will be invaluable to your children as they grow up in a diverse, interconnected world.

At Bella Rose Luxury Apartments we have several holiday gatherings, all out in our spacious cul-de-sac that exist on our property. It becomes a street party for our residents, with neighbor getting to meet neighbor, and children playing with friends who live only a few doors down.

Front Door Decoration contests are held for Halloween & Christmas with prizes awarded at that specific holiday gathering.

Did we mention we are pet friendly apartments?  So come join us at Bella Rose Luxury Apartments where you won't have to worry about expensive repair projects and the kids won't have to mow the lawn. Yep. Simple life.